Abco Corporate

Sustainable Product Policy

We, as Abdioğulları Plastic and Packaging Industry Inc, undertake;

  • Work with experienced teams that focus on customer satisfaction and that are continuously improved their qualifications,
  • Identify, provide and maintain the infrastructure, technical equipment and resource needs necessary to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of ISCC PLUS requirements,
  • By operating the ISCC PLUS System on the basis of openness, reliability, consistency, integrity, quality and transparency, ensuring that traceability and chain of custody records are kept in this direction,
  • To ensure that all records and documents within the scope of ISCC PLUS requirements are sent to our sustainable product customers,
  • Evaluating the risks and opportunities that will arise in the process by fulfilling ISCC PLUS requirements, ensuring the continuous improvement and continuity of the system,
  • To ensure that ISCC PLUS requirements are checked by internal audits at regular intervals,
  • Ensuring that it works in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System conditions and Quality Policy,

Our are commitment.